Why Biome Munch is Changing

Some people have been a little confused lately with the content that we have been sharing – on what we are actually trying to achieve, and what our product/service even is anymore?

You may have noticed that we have stopped promoting the baking, which at one time was the main product. This is because I used to really love baking, and making healthier variations of our favourite sweets. But also, as an environmental activist and health-conscious consumer – this started to feel less and less in line with what Biome Munch is truly about. As sustainable as we try to be, with a product such as this, there will always be imports, plastic, and waste. While we did our best to be a great alternative to traditional baking, and as I was baking more and more, this misalignment became more and more prominent. In reality, our food system, and the choices we make as consumers need to change entirely for the better of our health and environment.

These changes aren’t going to happen by having brownies sweetened with dates instead of white sugar. It will happen when we start to recognize that the true change is when we stop buying these ‘food like’ foods all together, and focus on consuming the food that the local farmers work so hard to provide for society.

Especially in Malta, we are fortunate to have fresh abundance surrounding us all year long, and yet, so much of it goes to waste because of the current cycle of consumption. If we focus on filling our shopping bags, and our plates with whole nutritious food that comes from the fields, and take the time to appreciate where it comes from, using every bit of it, and enjoying it with others – we can create a massive shift in the food system. Yes, it takes TIME. The thing we all lack now. BUT if it can save your health, help the environment, give you quality time with friends and family, and support your local growers, this will GIVE you MORE time in the long-term. And it will give you a lot more than time alone.

Two of the biggest issues we experience in Malta today are environmental damage, and health issues particularly with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre- Diabetes. It is evident that both of these issues can be addressed, and especially beneficial for the Maltese to eat a Mediterranean Diet focused on fresh ingredients from local growers. This one simple change that anyone can make can improve the overall quality of life of the citizens of Malta.

With that all being said, Biome Munch is on a mission not to make banana bread (but if that makes you sad you can get the recipe in my FREE e-book you can download HERE so you can make it yourself), but instead to provide knowledge, and help make it simple and accessible to be a consumer that can make lifestyle choices that benefits their own health and the health of the planet!

P.S…. Of course the blender bike will still be going! Movement and nutritious local ingredients is EXACTLY what we are all about!

What do you think of these changes? 🙂

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