Why Biome Munch?

What is a Biome? And why is it munching?

A Biome is a community of life that is distinct to a particular climate – meaning, we live in co-existence with the plants and animals around us. The choices we make in our daily lives affect not only ourselves, but also the planet and life around us.

Malta has a Biome of its own, and is it ever plentiful!

We are surrounded by a beautiful environment, with an ideal climate, wildlife, and produce that we can enjoy! This Island has a great deal to offer, and we aim to utilize as much local resources as possible, and to pass on this knowledge for you to do so as well 🙂

We can easily become overwhelmed and uncertain where to begin when it comes to helping ourselves and the environment. There are many choices we can make, and people and places to go to.

Within these choices, we must consider some key points as consumers, and active members of society. These are how our items, and where our purchases come from, how they affect you as an individual, and what happens to it afterwards – how this affects the environment. This is why Biome Munch was created!

The aim of Biome Munch is to take this difficulty many people experience, and give a simple and accessible means of implementing more sustainable and healthier choices into your life, in a way that suits YOU best! Whether you simply want to purchase something, hire a service, attend a workshop or Livestream event, or be a part of our community of like-minded individuals – we want to help people in facing their challenges and take the steps they need in creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are also very proud to have been awarded Gold by Sustainable Eats and Treats for our sustainable practices! Read more on that Here!

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