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About Us

Biome Munch is a team in Malta who are working together through offering recipes and nutritional information on the Mediterranean diet, innovative alternatives for events such as the blender bike, live workshops, and community support to make a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle simple and accessible to all 🙂


We focus on using local ingredients, sustainable energy, and packaging, using resources to their fullest potential, and waste reduction

Products and Services

We offer a variety of fresh veg and herbs from the farm in Burmarrad – using sustainable and organic practices. Sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date on our weekly harvests!


We host a variety of workshops, courses, consultancy, and have an active group of members for ongoing support on living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle 🙂

Recipe Book available for free or for a small donation! 20 Healthy, Plant Based recipes that won’t break the bank 🙂

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