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Biome Munch is a team in Malta that is working together to provide the community with produce grown with ethical and organic practices, in a way that is both affordable and accessible to the consumer. We are passionate about educating the community on growing their own food, living simply, nutrition, herbal medicine, and living sustainably. We strive to make a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle simple and accessible 🙂


Products and Services

We offer a variety of fresh veg and herbs from the farm in Burmarrad – using sustainable and organic practices. Sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date on our weekly harvests!


We offer garden consultancy sessions, to help you grow your own food at home! Additionally, we have a team of talented professionals who can help you grow in several areas of your life, to live healthier and more sustainable 🙂

Recipe Book available for a small donation! 20 Healthy, Plant-Based recipes that won’t break the bank 🙂

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Cane Vella: 9903 2643

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