Why Everyone in Malta Should Eat a Mediterranean Diet!

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Well first of all… we’re in the Mediterranean! Through consuming what grows naturally around us, we can better the health of both us, and of the environment.

We are fortunate here in Malta that fresh produce grows 365 days a year. It is incredibly accessible, yet people are instead choosing to eat pastries and heavily processed foods – which is making us sick as a Nation.

The Environment

  • Less plastic packaging due to less importation
  • Less fuel due to less miles to get the food to us
  • More connection with the food, where it comes from, how it grows, the people who grow it
  • Reducing local food waste

The People

  • More whole, unprocessed ingredients
  • More nutrient dense foods
  • Leading to a longer, healthier, happier life
  • Supporting local growers

Why in Malta?

  • Highest Rates of Obesity in Europe
  • 10% of adults are living with Diabetes, though it is expected to be more, and significantly more when including pre-diabetes and Insulin Resistance
  • The government spends approximately 9 million euros per year in treatment costs for Diabetes alone (yet the Mediterranean diet is shown to be one of the best ‘treatments’ for Type 2 Diabetes’)
  • These figures are only expected to continue rising
  • Last year there was over 52 tonnes of food wasted from the Pitkalija, which we can reduce if we were to opt for local over foreign options
  • We are only meeting 15% of the EU targets for the Environment

I aim for us to step out of this culture of ‘labeling’ ourselves for what we eat, and instead focus on consuming what thrives around us – to better support us, the environment, and the Nation.

What are your thoughts on choosing local? 🙂

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