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Biome Talks: Q & A with Cane and Cass | Episode 12 Cane and Cass come together to answer some of your questions for us!   Such as: how did we meet? What would we like to see more of in farming in Malta? What is one small change people can make to help the environment? Thoughts on the Documentary ‘Kiss The Ground’? What had drawn you to farming? What’s your… Read more →

Biome Talks: Yasmin De Giorgio | Episode 11 Yasmin De Giorgio is a passionate, well-traveled, beautiful human who helps others through her various conscious businesses. Through nourishing treatments, classes, retreats, coaching, yoga, and meditation, she helps transform people into their best selves.   Join in on this podcast to hear about her journey in getting to this place, from business school to a hippie, to serial entrepreneur.… Read more →

Biome Talks: Claude Ebejer | Episode 10 Claude Ebejer is the founder of the NGO Act, a passionate environmentalist who works to provide practical and sustainable solutions to societal issues related to the environment, arts, economy, and health.   Join us in this conversation as we discuss citizen challenges, FKNK taking responsibility of our woodland, couch activists, transparency in government, appreciating our lives, and much more!… Read more →

Biome Talks: Miriam Dalli | Episode #9 Miriam Dalli is a Member of the European Parliament. She is the Head of the Maltese Labour Party Delegation and Vice President of the Socialists and Democrats Group. Through the European Green Deal, she is working on a sustainable future for all through delivering social, economic, and environmental expectations to its citizens.    We have come together on a… Read more →

Biome Talks: Rachelle Muschamp | Episode #7 Rachelle Muschamp is an inspiring woman who has a diverse history and array of interests, from being in the Army, being a chef, restaurant manager, DJ, and Entrepreneur. Rachelle has her own past with anxiety and panic attacks, and has found various tools that have completely rid her of panic attacks, and now uses her experience to help others… Read more →