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Biome Talks: Duncan F | Episode #4 Duncan F. is well known in the entertainment world in Malta, being an experienced DJ, founder of Guru events, and founder of the Bubble NGO. In this episode we discuss the concerns around farming in the Maghtab area, different sustainable practices, and the future of the sustainable festival, and beautiful NGO – the Bubble! Read more →

Biome Talks: Cristina Cargnelli | Episode #3 Cristina is an Italian Pastry chef who owns a bakery in Birkirkara, Malta – called Toghma where she makes delicious focaccia and pastries! Cristina is an advocate of eating local, and is on a mission to make her products completely local, even down to the grain. We discuss ancient grains, modern grain, and the beauty of seasonal produce. Read more →

My Top Natural Supplements for PCOS and Insulin Resistance!

A lot of the major diseases that we see now come from lifestyle choices, and factors that we can be in control of with the right knowledge, resources and discipline. Insulin Resistance is one if the major ones where we can make some simple changes, and include natural/herbal supplements to help manage. So hopefully, some of these may help you… Read more →