How to Cook Seville Oranges in 5 Ways that Aren’t Marmalade!

Watch this video to see all these recipes in action at the farm!

In our latest video we take you with us on a day at the farm where we share 5 different recipes for seville oranges that aren’t marmalade, but most definitely are delicious! With so many people letting their seville oranges rot due to their bitter taste, we were on a mission to make these recipes to put them to good use! We are NOT about waste here 🙂

  1. Click HERE for the Raw Chocolate Orange ‘Cheesecake’ Recipe

2. Click HERE for this Zest Whisky Cocktail that is low in sugar and low GI!

3. Click HERE for this delicious orange and almond cake!

The final 2 are to use Seville Oranges as topping for Foccacia AND as a marinade for a nice meat and veg dish!

Have you tried any of these recipes? What is YOUR favourite way to use Seville Oranges? 🙂

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