Fully Local Challenge Week 3

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This is exactly what we did not follow this past week.

This week, the 30-day challenge really deemed itself to be a challenge! With important events, such as the best friends wedding, which also brought family in town from abroad – our proper prior planning went out the window, and therefore, resulted in poor performance.

We started off really well – having had a good rain prior to this week, the field was flourishing!

We made a local shakshuka with homemade tomatoe sauce, loads of veg, and some eggs – enjoyed with a side of watermelon as it comes to the end of the season.

We had come up with our best coffee alternative yet! Carob powder, chicory powder, milk (goats, sheeps, cows, almond), sweetened with a bit of honey 🙂

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But when family comes around, and there are special occassions – friends and family ultimately come first – before any diet and their rules. We still opted for things as local as possible, such as a Maltese platter, Maltese Pizza, and Maltese Wine. But this was not the time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing beautiful local meals or to say no to going out for meals with the family and going hungry because of a set of rules we created for ourselves. This was a time to enjoy with loved ones, and share together meals that were as local as possible, whilst not letting it get in the way of quality time.

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And now that we are getting back into a routine – we will have proper prior planning in order to reduce poor performance. We are back in the field, making beautiful meals! This month is not about stressing perfection, but to develop the habits of changing out our cupboards, and supporting local resources as the norm. 🙂

What has been your favourite local recipe so far this month? 🙂

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