Globe Artichokes 5 Ways!

Globe Artichoke season is in full swing! However, we get so many people who are hesitant to want to them because they can be intimidating to cook. Or they have only ever had it one way, and decided they didn’t like them. I am confident that after this post you will find one way to love artichokes 🙂

Not only is it sustainable to eat in season, but globe artichokes are also incredible for your health!

Health Benefits

Just a few benefits incase you need an extra reason to enjoy these beauties!

These are just a few of the endless benefits that Globe Artichokes have on your body. Have a read through the linked research and I’m sure you will be convinced that these should be a part of your diet this season.

Recipe 1 – The traditional way

Lets start off with the most common and traditional way of cooking globe artichokes here in Malta! This is a recipe where the artichokes are stuffed, seasoned, boiled with other seasonal veg, typically chard, endive, garlic, jerusalem artichokes, and potatoes. Then topped with olive oil, tuna, and olives.

Get the full recipe from over at Season and Serve! You can find it HERE

Recipe 2 – The not so healthy but super tasty way

In North America, I think this is the most common way that I had grown up hearing globe artichokes being used. And that was in a super creamy, cheesy, indulgent spinach and artichoke dip always brought out around the time of the super bowl! If the other recipes seem a bit too ‘earthy’ of a try for this bitter vegetable, this is a great way to give it its first taste, and introduce it to your tastebuds. You can find a recipe HERE

Recipe 3 – Using baby artichokes

When using the fully grown artichokes you may notice there is a lot of waste, as most the vegetable isnt actually edible! However, the italians love to use certain varieties, or just very young globe artichokes to be able to eat them whole as they stay very tender. Want to eat them whole and not deal with all the peeling and mess? Try THIS recipe out!

Recipe 4 – when in doubt, make pasta!

Making veggies into pasta sauce is one of the best ways you can easily add more veggies to your meal, switch things up, and ensure almost everyone will love it! Pasta lovers, here is a recipe for you 🙂

Recipe 5 – Save some for later!

Preserved globe artichokes are one the easiest, and yummiest ways to incorporate this veggies into your diet! Added into sandwiches, on pizza, your platter board, or straight from the jar. You can buy them already preserved and ready at the shop, but if you get a good deal from the farmer and want to save some money, have fun, and make your own, HERE is a recipe to preserve these beautiful delights in vinegar. And HERE is one for preserving them in oil.

I hope these recipes give you some inspiration to try out some new ways to enjoy Globe Artichokes, and get motivated to incorporate them more into your diet this season 🙂

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