Easiest way to Grow Onions for Seed

Have you noticed that your onions are starting to sprout? Well, they may not be so nice to eat anymore, but you can still make a great use out of them!

If they are a nice shape and size, all you need to do is dig a hole about the size of the onion, place the onion in the hole with the greens popping out of the ground. Water it, and wait! Do this in the spring time, and your onions will flower and produce seeds.

Put it in an area with a good amount of soil drainage and sunshine, water, and let it do its thing 🙂

When it looks like this you know its ready! Just collect the seeds, dry them out in the sun, and keep stored in a dry and ventilated place, such as a mesh bag, or a jar with holes in the top to allow air to circulate. Dont forget to also add a label with the variety of onion, when it was harvested, and when to sow by. These details will be different based on where in the world you are.

Let reduce food waste, make the most of what we have, grow more of our own food, and give back to nature! Happy growing!

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