How to Naturally Stop Hairloss and Regrow Your Hair with PCOS

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Blood Tests

Before anything, make sure you know what your specific hormonal concerns are with your PCOS. Get your hormones tested so you know what to tackle first 🙂 In this case, we are mostly going to be addressing androgens and insulin.

Also make sure to check for any nutritional deficiencies that may need attention, such as B vitamins, zinc, iron, and Vitamin D3. These are incredibly important to get leveled in order to help your hair.

The Foundation

Have your supplements in check. This is an issue that stems from an internal issue, so this needs to be addressed first. This will be dependent on your specific hormonal imbalances, however, for many women Inositol and Berberine will be greatly beneficial for their PCOS.

Next, make sure your diet is in check. You want to avoid any excess insulin spikes, therefore, reduce the amount of processed food such as bread, cakes, cookies, etc. Additionally, fill your plates with lots of healthy fats and proteins, this will slow your insulin spies whilst also creating the building blocks for your new hair follicles.

Move your body, movement = happy hormones = happy hair 🙂

You need to start with your lifestyle.

More Herbs to Introduce

Spearmint tea may have anti-androgen effects, which in turn, helps prevent hair loss.

Ayurvedic herbs such as Amla, Bhringraj, and Shatavari have all shown the potential to aid in hair growth, and particularly for those with PCOS.

You can use Rosemary as a regular hair oil to also stimulate hair growth, which you can find out here how to make easily.

You can also use a Rosemary spray to further aid in hair growth, which can be combined with ingredients such as mint and ginger for further stimulation.

Lastly, Fennel rinses are also beneficial to add into your hair care routine to aid in growing stronger hair. You can do this by simply boiling water with a few spoons of fennel seeds in it. Next, strain the water and let it cool down. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with the water. Repeat this ideally twice per week.

Of course most people wont realistically have the capacity to incorporate all of the above. But try to incorporate what fits your hormonal and hair needs, and see what effect it has on your hair 🙂

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