Nature Knows Better

Food preservation, packaging, storage, colouring, flavouring and fortification are among many of the reasons that food technology is important for food production, which is responsible for feeding the growing human population of the world. Since the earliest records of farming which is believed to be around 23.000 years ago we have seen much of these technologies advance. Long before this, around 420.000 to 200.000 years ago, the hunter-gatherers were already storing food such as bones to later consume the bone marrow from the animals they hunted. This evidence has been suggested from studies of humans that lived in Qesam caves in Israel in this era.

These situations suggest that this is all due to increased number and/or congregations of people. When we begin to think about the very reasons that this is so important we start to think about how seasons and the abundance or scarcity they carry when considering nutrition. Currently, other species are truly specialized and adapted to survive these changes with different strategies such as migration, hibernation and food preservation. These adaptations are seemingly genetic traits that give special abilities such as the organization of a beehive or the wings of a migratory bird, or the ability of metabolic depression to survive prolonged periods of malnutrition.

When we think of this in this way for the human success story we begin to realize that our species is very different in our strategy of survival but the similarities still remain. These are that we need water, food, and light to survive and reproduce. While those basic similarities are met very well by our species we are lacking the very basic abilities that allow us to survive without the technology that we have created and that is importantly maintained by what I believe is the difference that humans have from all other species. This is the ability to communicate specific information that is complex compared to communication that other species are able to convey. This is because our language which is our type of communication is developed enough to explain what an item is, the shape, what the use of it is, how to use it and much more in terms of detail. If we compare this to many other types of communication such as pheromone signalling, verbal, and visual just to name a few.

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This makes me very happy to be a human as everything has been done for me in the development of the human species. A bird could say the same thing as they fly from one country to the next enjoying fresh food all year round. Yes, that is right that is what they know and are comfortable with. But how do they know that they need to migrate without the level of communication of humans that I was referring to? Is this just simply a learned behaviour? Could this be a behaviour that is pre-determined in their genetics? We could say instinct but how do we explain this phenomenon? My opinionated answer to all this is that the world is beautiful and that the energy it contains is a system that is well balanced allowing all species to thrive in their own niche.

This being said we have reached a situation which is as far from this ideology that my creativeness can cope with or without effecting my basic ability to drink, eat and reproduce. While this may seem intense it is very strange to myself that humans have created a hypothetical economy that is traded with the very resources that are available temporally and/or spatially.  This system is engrained in humans so much that the natural behaviours are being altered and we are fighting, making love and making choices based on this system rather than being based on the system of fitness within our environment. I often realize that this is causing stress which directly influences the physiological state of the body putting the highly adapted immune system at risk of collapse. The development of the mentioned system-induced stress must be subdued by the same system to avoid it crashing. This is often seen in the implementation of meaningless mind-altering technologies such as games that do not relate to human development or survival or perhaps addictive systems such as gambling and the use of chemicals for recreation. These are all designed to feed someone with the hypothetical currency of meaningless fitness which is a way of mass manipulation that has been outgrown by the trait of egoism.

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This is a big issue as the system prevents any other human from exercising their intrinsic rights as it promotes this as being anti-social and it has even gone as far as creating laws that penalize such behaviour. This law is specific to certain regions if not most of the surface of the earth which means that you are given no choice. Even if we were allowed to explore our planet and live free the industries that humans have created exploit resources without sustainability in mind. Since these are global companies this is affecting the majority of the planet. We cannot, however, dismiss these systems altogether but rather we should make our ideas heard as lots of good ideas in this system are beneficial for human fitness, and these should always be used to their limitation. This should be determined by the environmental fitness, and thus, everyone.

Upon understanding this I invite you to take some time to think about what your fitness limitations are and to question the best way of achieving this with the least amount of impact on the natural environment. We can all start somewhere but no one person can advise everyone as this must come from the individual rather than trying to dictate people and their actions on the masses as the current economy is being managed.

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