Benefits and Uses of Sage – Salvja

Sage is a beautiful herb that we often associate with having around the holiday season, with stuffing, roasted with pumpkin, or to cleanse our home from the demons. However, this is a powerful herb that I believe can be utilized in a larger variety of ways, and should be done so with its endless list of benefits!

Sage is filled with loads of different vitamins and minerals – but most notably, just one teaspoon gives you 10% of your RDV of Vitamin K! This is an important vitamin in regards to blood clotting and bone metabolism (aka, keeping your bones and blood healthy!).

It is also filled with loads of powerful antioxidants that are known to help your brain function, and as with most things that grow in nature, potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers.

……Do you remember that post I made about a week ago making a DIY toothpaste? Well, I used sage in it, and that’s because it is also great for oral health as it can be used as an antimicrobial to prevent the build-up of plaque. – Remember when I spoke about those demons earlier? This antimicrobial property is also one of the main reasons people like to burn sage in their homes!

It also has a positive effect on your cholesterol levels, by lowering your ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) and raising your ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL)!

There are also compounds that may potentially make it great for your skin health, and keeping it youthful 🙂

If you’re in menopause and experiencing hot flashes – it can help with that too!

And last, but of course, not least, it can help as a digestive aid, as it can help relax your gut.

You can grow it easily at home, and use it in a variety of ways in order to gain the benefits of it! Have it in soups, with roasted veg, chopped up in your eggs, or even as a nice herbal tea (though try not to exceed 3 cups per day, as there are certain chemicals that may be harmful to some in excess, and these become much more potent when consumed in the form of tea). You can process it to add it to your general seasoning cupboard, to add an earthy taste to many of your meals, all year round!

What’s your favorite way to have Sage?

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