The Top 10 Crops to Start Growing in Your Garden

Have you ever wanted to start your own personal garden to grow nourishing food for you and your family?

In this edition of our ”Top 10’s” we will walk you through the best crops you can grow when starting out your own garden!

Top 10: Best Crops to Start off Your Garden

  1. Radish– The absolute best thing about growing your own radish is that they only take one month to grow (From Seed). They also do not require much room to grow and offer a ton of variety in terms of taste and are a great addition to salads or just as a snack on their own.
  2. Lettuce- Also grows very fast and has great variety. It is also a great starter crop to grow because you can actually grow them in wire baskets which is great for people who may not have access to their own garden.
  3. Beetroots- Thankfully beetroot also falls in to the category of ”easy to grow” crops with the best advantage of growing your own beetroot being the vast health benefits which range from stopping inflammation to improving digestive health.
  4. Basil- Love tomatoes? Well boy I’ve got a companion plant for you! It’s not just tomatoes though, a whole laundry list of crops grow better with Basil nearby making it an excellent crop to start off with. Another great benefit of Basil, especially for beginners, is that it attracts good insects to your crops while helping keep the bad ones at bay.
  5. Zucchini- Makes a great addition to salads as well as a host of other dishes making it one of the most versatile things you can grow in your garden. Zucchini also has plenty of antioxidants and may aid in the maintenance of strong bones.
  6. Pumpkin- No they are not just for Halloween, as they make a great addition to your garden. Another easy to grow crop with a ton of health benefits like sharper vision, better immunity and even younger looking skin!
  7. Tomatoes- This one really is a no-brainer with tomatoes being an easy to grow, highly nutritious crop which can also help reduce your monthly food bill, as tomatoes are often times not the cheapest thing to buy at the supermarket. They are also really easy to store, as they can be preserved in sauces and salsas or even frozen.
  8. Aubergines- Although the mighty aubergine requires plenty of sun and warmth they definitely can make a great addition to your garden! Aubergines have the typical benefits of many crops with it’s various vitamins and minerals, but aubergines have also been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol making them a great option to add to a healthy and balanced diet.
  9. Sweet Corn- Besides being delicious, sweet corn can provide great nutritional value being packed with ferulic acid (powerful antioxidant) as well as lutein and beta-carotene which have been shown to help brain function. Another reason sweet corn is a great addition to your garden, is that you can use it to create shade for some of your more sensitive crops.
  10. Bell Peppers- Variety is the name of the game with bell peppers and you get plenty of that with this excellent nutrient rich crop. They are another crop you can grow yourself quite easily which will help out the monthly budget with the average pound of bell peppers costing consumers upwards of 3$ per pound.

We did just cover a whole bunch of ”why”, but if you are now inspired to start growing some of your own crops check out our brand new Youtube video below where we will cover more of the ”how” with regards to planting and maintaining your crop.

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