11: Biome Talks: Yasmin De Giorgio | Episode 11

Yasmin De Giorgio is a passionate, well-traveled, beautiful human who helps others through her various conscious businesses. Through nourishing treatments, classes, retreats, coaching, yoga, and meditation, she helps transform people into their best selves.


Join in on this podcast to hear about her journey in getting to this place, from business school to a hippie, to serial entrepreneur. How she nurtures her staff, shares her perspective on money, balancing values, and looking at ourselves as whole beings. The beauty of rituals such as tea ceremonies, the stressful stimulants in our modern life, nature making you resilient, having a discipline and devotion, going to nature vs. living with nature, what it means to go within, and so much more!


You can find out more about the beautiful work of Sanya on their website: https://www.sanyamalta.com/

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