Sage Smudge Stick by Heartspace


Sage also known as ‘Salvia Officialis’, is highly abundant in our Maltese lands. It is well known and respected as the plant that purifies and balances the energy around us. If you have been feeling weighted down by your surroundings, then our sage will help you restart and opens your space for new beginnings.


1. Take five minutes to create a space with love and gratitude for the plant’s energy. Create an atmosphere with calming music and candle if you wish, create your own safe space.

2. Using a candle, matchstick or a lighter, gently place the smudge stick over the burning flame making sure it’s well lit. Please be careful to extinguish the fire before using. DO NOT BLOW on the smudge stick but gently drift until the fire is out.

3. After finishing your practice/ritual of smudging, you can place the stick on a fire-proof dish, if you wish to stop the smoke, gently smudge it on a fire-proof surface but do not turn it off with water.

For more details on how to cleanse your aura or your home, here’s a youtube link:

Avoid smudging if you’re pregant, asmathic or around children and animals. Always open all windows, and never leave un-attendant.  

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Available for pickup at the farm in Burmarrad, OR delivery with a minimum order of 20 euros.

Call or e-mail for any queries

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