Farm to Fork Box!

Subscribe to receive weekly fresh, seasonal, and organically grown veg right to your door! For only 15 euros per week you will receive a mix of 7kg of veg OR 12kg of veg for 25 euros 🙂 (Then you can choose any specific add ons such as kunserva, sundried tomatoes, etc, through specifying in the description)

Just subscribe here, then choose the time you want for your delivery!

No more worrying about ensuring you have high quality veg available – just subscribe once and the rest will happen automatically!


Subscribe for your weekly veg!

Please note that the below pricing is in USD. 17$ = 15 euros, and 29$ = 25 euros. Thank you!

Farm to Fork Box – 7kg

Farm to Fork Box – 12kg


Monday: Afternoon in the South, and Central and North areas in the Evening 🙂

Book your delivery slot HERE

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